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Strategic thought process at the Environment Nuisance Service

Strategic challenge

The Environment Nuisance Service wants to rethink its future vision and organisation model in 2015 in line with its future core tasks and challenges. Möbius has been asked to supervise the service in the strategic thought process.


Create suitable climate

Based on an individual approach to the employees everyone was involved in the challenges and we obtained insight into the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities for the service.

Outline strategy

The focus was then on the successful organisation of 2 strategic team days with employees and management. The following topics were covered:

  • Are we doing the right things in the right way?
  • The essence of the focus of the activities
  • The refinement of the added value of the service and cooperation with partners and customers
  • Optimisation of the work organisation for 2015 (task distribution, actions)
  • Efficient use of people, role distribution, team working, coaching
  • Defining role of new department head and new employee(s)
  • Collecting improvement ideas and actions


With Möbius’s help the following results were achieved as a team:

  • The Environment Nuisance Service is able to make clear decisions for the future.
  • By analysis of the service and target groups the Environment Nuisance service was made more visible to its partners.
  • Concrete agreements were made on role distribution and priority tasks and actions for the coming months and years.

The strategic thought process has strengthened the involvement of the employees in all our challenges. We have emerged from this as a stronger team. Möbius created a climate in which this was possible, with prior individual talks with all employees, the open spirit in which the brain storming sessions took place and focussed orchestration.

Gunther Van Broeck, Head of Environment Nuisance Service
Department ENE Flemish Government

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